China Gate - Whether You’re Coming or Not

Radiator Hospital - Fireworks [BNTYK Session]

Mischief Brew - O, Pennsyltucky!

Martha - Present, Tense

Jeff Rosenstock - Hey Allison!

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For the first time in my life, I felt sorry for Jesus. Sorry that the miracles ascribed to him hadn’t actually made a difference. Sorry that we were all alone in a universe where even our fathers would let us get nailed to a tree if they were so inclined, or cut our throats if so commanded—/Quote

—Leonard or Lenny Abramov

American Football - Never Meant

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Noah told me there’s a day during the summer when the sun hits the broad avenues at such an angle that you experience the sensation of the whole city being flooded by a melancholy twentieth-century light, even the most prosaic, unloved buildings appearing bright and nuclear at the edge of your vision, and that when this happens you want to both cry for something lost and run out there and welcome the decline of the day. He made it sound like an urban rapture, his aging face taking on a careful glow, as if he was borrowing some of the light of which he spoke…

'I'd love to see that,' I said. 'When does it happen exactly?'

'We missed it,' Noah said. 'It was in late June.'

'Next year then,' I said.



 Into It. Over It. - The Shaking of Leaves

The Replacements - Alex Chilton

Tiny Moving Parts - Always Focused

Signals Midwest - St. Vincent Charity

Restorations - Separate Songs

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Temple Grandin

Little Wings & Feist - Look at What the Light Did Now [Live]


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